Lisa Rogalin

Lisa Rogalin: Founder of The Rose Room Academy

Lisa Rogalin is the distinguished founder and CEO of The Rose Room, a visionary in the world of fashion and style. With an outstanding career that includes leading the Personal Shopping department at Sweden’s largest department store and overseeing stylist training programs, Lisa stands as one of Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurs in the industry.


Her journey began in 2010 when she took the courageous step of establishing her own company, a decision that transformed NK Personal Shopping into the esteemed entity it is today. With a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, Lisa possesses an innate understanding of style, form, and color, which she utilizes to elevate personal style to new heights.


Lisa’s expertise extends far beyond mere clothing recommendations; it encompasses a holistic understanding of individual style, allowing her clients to authentically express themselves through their clothing choices. Her unparalleled knowledge, unwavering confidence in style, and dedication to providing exceptional service have earned her widespread recognition, with mentions and guest appearances in prominent magazines and TV programs.


For Lisa and The Rose Room team, styling is an art form, a meticulous process of curating ensembles that resonate with each client’s unique personality and preferences. It’s about more than just clothes; it’s about fostering self-expression and confidence through sartorial choices.