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Staff Training – Personal Shopping

We provide a diverse array of courses and training opportunities, both in-person and online, designed to empower retailers in delivering enhanced customer service and driving sales with better customer satisfaction. Our programs encompass a blend of cutting-edge tools, ranging from needs analysis and customer psychology to advanced sales techniques and personalized styling rooted in the science of color and body shapes.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to guiding participants on constructing sustainable wardrobes, ultimately reducing clothing waste through improved matching skills and fostering a broader perspective on clothing purchases.


E-commerce personal shopping, often referred to as ‘1 to 1,’ presents unique challenges within the fashion retail sector. Personal Shoppers must undergo training that equips them to ask the right questions on a personal, yet non-intrusive level. Their expertise should encompass an in-depth knowledge of assortments, various styles, and fit options, all of which are instrumental in ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing returns.

For many, this can indeed pose a formidable challenge. However, through our tailored training, you can transform this challenge into an opportunity to excel in the realm of online personal shopping

Concept & Strategy Development

We have pioneered innovative concepts for prominent department stores and currently stand as the premier service provider in Scandinavia. Our comprehensive operations encompass infrastructure development, including location and premises, alongside organizational structuring, business concepts, and dynamic marketing strategies. This includes refined pricing models, precise targeting strategies, and more.

What sets us apart is our profound expertise in personalized individual styling, a practice that ensures both highly satisfied customers and a substantial increase in sales. With us, you gain access to the right experience and tools needed to establish and manage new service departments within your retail business. We are also adept at elevating existing personal shopping departments to new heights, guaranteeing a successful transformation

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Personal Shopping: a win-win for everyone

Service and knowledge are among the most critical competitive advantages in the retail industry, both for physical stores and online retailers. In today’s fiercely competitive market, many chains and stores offer some form of added value to their customers. We’ve observed that a well-functioning Personal Shopping service leads to increased sales, higher average transaction values, enhanced customer loyalty, and a more sustainable approach to shopping.